When Power Tools Aren’t Enough

Are other people driven to tackle home improvement projects anytime there’s a national holiday?  It’s President’s Day, you say?  Well then let’s repaint the bathroom!  You’re hosting a Memorial Day barbecue, eh?  Sorry, I can’t attend.  I’ve got plans to tear apart a hutch and use the scrap wood to […]

Publish This Book

It started over lunch with a friend. Melissa is smart as a whip, well spoken, and deliberate with every thought and action.  But for some reason, she is still willing to occasionally meet with my grammatically challenged ass to discuss writing and gab about life in general. Melissa:  “I have […]

When In Rome

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Roman Empire lately.  Which of course leads me to think about the fall of the Roman Empire.  And how much I hate those ugly gladiator sandals everyone is wearing, but that’s not really the point. You see, I’m pretty sure I live in […]