Bug for Office

Election time in Hoboken always makes me giggle.  Our last mayor held office a whopping twenty-three days before he was arrested by the feds for embezzling.  In fact, most of our former mayors are currently serving time in a penitentiary situation.  Corruption is kinda our thing. I know, you’re thinking, […]

Time Management is for the Unadventurous

I’m always late.  Always.  Maybe just sometimes.  Ok fine, almost always.  I know you’re never going to believe this, but sometimes I get distracted. For example, I just lost thirty-five minutes watching that new Kanye West video.  I don’t even like Kanye.  Unless you count that first record.  That shit […]

Sleepless in Hoboken

I didn’t sleep much last night.  I’d love to have you all think that’s solely because I stayed up far too late watching those Chilean miners being rescued.  (Which I did and OH MY GOD THE SON of that first miner had me bawling so hard I started coughing and […]