When Show Tunes Go Bad

I’ve been trying to paint more, lately. After hammering at words on a screen, sometimes I need the instant gratification of painting. Smears on canvas. Textured chunks of color. Mistakes and missteps buried beneath more layers rather than simply deleted. It’s the equivalent of yoga for the brain, I think. […]

The Archangel of Hair

As I mentioned yesterday, in anticipation of going into an office somewhat regularly, I decided to get a haircut.  I wanted something between my usual Super Cuts and the mad expensive Bumble and Bumble of my previous life.  I strolled down Hoboken peering in windows, trying to find a salon […]

I’m Still A Fifteen Year Old Boy

While I’m fairly certain I already reserved my spot in Hell many years ago, today’s Craftastrophe post pretty much guarantees my VIP pass for an eternity of Rod Stewart concerts.  Awesome. I got a haircut, Interwebz.   More on the actual cutting tomorrow, but first I need to get something off […]

First Twitter, Now Me

So far I’m all about the massive FAILs this week.  I know everyone is loosing their minds over all this holiday bull shit, but I can ease your stress.  My holiday gift to all of you is to share my shortcomings so you can revel in my ineptitude and feel […]

Cancer – the New Black?

Suddenly it seems like cancer (intentionally left lowercase, screw it) is all the rage.  I feel like it’s the primary subject matter everywhere I turn.  I’m not entirely sure what that’s all about.  Are there tons more people getting diagnosed?  Am I just hyper sensitive and zero in on the […]

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