Feels Like Home

I lost someone I love this week. Some of you will remember when my cousin Patty Mouse died a year ago. Or maybe you just remember the song I uked for her while she was in the hospital.  On Tuesday, her son Cory died from a sudden heart attack. His […]

I Guess I Could Have Just Quoted MLK Instead

There’s just too much pressure to write something profound and inspirational today.  Go ahead and call me chicken, but one of my single greatest skills is avoidance.  I’m also really good at changing the subject. You know who just said something profound and inspirational last night?  My other non-sexual crush […]

I’d Still Let Him Vida My Loca

Some mornings I sit and look at this blank screen and I have abso-smurfly nothing to say.  That little blinking cursor just appears and disappears, over and over again, relentlessly taunting my uninspired ass.  This is such a day. Fucking blinking cursor. I just read that Ricky Martin is gay.  […]