Crap. Did I Just Write an Inspirational Post?

Once upon a time (or a few months ago),  a brilliant and beautiful blogger posted about how her wee two year old son randomly turned to her and said, “Mommy, you are a possibility.” Is anyone else crying yet?  Am I still suffering from sleep deprivation and PMS?  Can you […]

Search Optimization-ish

In the month of April, exactly sixty-four people landed on BugginWord after searching for “rod stewart latex.”  Sixty-motherfucking-four people.  Which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that my readers are incredibly confused and disturbed individuals….with decidedly dicey musical tastes. Speaking of mean and horrible, I received this text from […]

Further Proof I Should Plan Ahead

Well THAT went well. Who knew that I actually DID have an April Fool’s trick up my sleeve?  Granted, it wasn’t really intentional but I think it still counts.  Yesterday evening, if you thought you might saunter over here to my little BugginWorld and catch up on the latest in […]