Are You Having Any Fun

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it is cold, crisp, and stunningly gorgeous here today. The light is doing that piercing intensity thing it does in the Fall, and every orange leaf seems to capture and emanate with its glow. Maybe it was all […]

Blue Skies

Fall.  It’s coming.  I can smell it.  And then you know what happens next? Winter. Fucking winter. So before that happens, here’s one last nod to warm and happy weather. Happy MFBT.  Remember to floss.  Good dental care is crucial, you know. Was that good for you, too? Then click […]


There’s something magnificent and piercing about the sunlight in Fall.  Maybe it’s due to there being fewer clouds.  Without those clouds racing across the sky, as they would on a windy Summer day, the constant movement of the air seems somehow like a surprise. Not that many Summer days are […]

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