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*knock, knock, knock* Remember me? No?  Really?  Not at all? *sigh* Does this jog any memories? Right, I thought so. Speaking of thinking, I think I’m back.  I mean, I have an internet connection and a computer and all those components crucial to spreading my vaginal ramblings all over the […]

Stuff You Should Buy

You know how last week I told you about all the awesome good things you could do with your money instead of buy holiday gifts?  Well I really meant it, but sometimes you still have to come up with actual gifts for the peeps on your shopping lists.  So in […]

Muppets, Jane Lynch, and Snail Sex

This morning I had to do some pressing research (Do hermaphrodites have ovaries?) so I swung on over to the esteemed reference site Google – because if it’s on the internet, it’s fact, right?  Word to the wise: never, ever do research on hermaphrodites before finishing your breakfast, Interwebz. It’s […]

Search Optimization-ish

In the month of April, exactly sixty-four people landed on BugginWord after searching for “rod stewart latex.”  Sixty-motherfucking-four people.  Which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that my readers are incredibly confused and disturbed individuals….with decidedly dicey musical tastes. Speaking of mean and horrible, I received this text from […]