When Herbert Met Isabella

So after all my talk about not doing Christmas presents this year, Rocco bought me one anyway.  At least, I think it was for me.  It might have been for Herbert.  I don’t think it really matters.  Oh whatever…just meet Isabella already.  (Most photos by my adorable dad.  *waves frantically*  […]

I’m Related to Guy Lombardo

I received an email yesterday from Guy Lombardo.  My first thought was, “Spam.”  Then my second thought was, “Heh, Lombardo is a fun word.”  Then my third thought was, “Wasn’t there some sports type person named Vince Lombardo?  I wonder if they’re related.”  Then I started humming Auld Lang Syne […]

Where’s My Megaphone?

*drags forward a fair trade certified, paraben and phthalate free soap box, gives it a little dust off, climbs on, clears throat* Rod Stewart is the Antichrist. No wait, that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.  Though while we’re slightly off topic and I’ve already made one reference […]

Sock Puppets (and Other Lonon Excerpts)

Although Dad’s retirement party was snowed out, we still managed to keep ourselves entertained.  Drew and Kate even made it out from Durham.  The conversations only get worse when you add in another brother. You HAVE to be getting tired of these little fly-on-the-wall excerpts, but I just can’t stop […]