My grandpa died yesterday afternoon – a nice, quiet, painless death at the age of 88.  Now his body will go to Duke where they can collect what they need, then he’ll be transported back to Marion, NC where he can join his wives. I don’t usually do re-posts, but […]


I’ve got no jokes today, kids.  I’m more than a little heartbroken.  And don’t panic – I’m fine (physically anyway) and so’s the parasite. But this guy isn’t.  Most of you probably won’t even remember him.  After all, that post is from nearly two years ago. Two years. That means […]

Operating Manuals

Mildred has arrived.  She’s already ruling the apartment with an iron paw.  She also spends a lot of time walking in circles around my neck which is mildly distracting – and a-frickin-dorable. I think she might be stupid. I can already hear you dog people, “All cats are stupid.”  Well […]

Stiff (as in Cadaver, not “Bored Stiff”…but Now That You Mention It…)

I’ve been trying to read Mary Roach’s Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers for about two weeks now.  I think I’m done trying. I mean, it’s not that the book isn’t good – it totally is!  No really!  I love her writing style.  I’m genuinely interested in the subject […]


I’ve got cancer on the brain.  Yes again.  I keep thinking about my buddy recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He’s in the absolute worst part of it now – the knowing that something absolutely horrible is happening to you, and that you don’t know just how bad it’s going to […]

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