I padded down the carpeted steps, pausing on the landing to absorb the lavender light pouring through the floor-to-ceiling window. Turning to descend the last several steps, my grandfather’s milky eyes supervised the endeavor as he peered out from the family portrait at the bottom of the stairs. My attention […]


My grandpa died yesterday afternoon – a nice, quiet, painless death at the age of 88.  Now his body will go to Duke where they can collect what they need, then he’ll be transported back to Marion, NC where he can join his wives. I don’t usually do re-posts, but […]

This One’s for Uke, Dad

Poor Rocco just walked in on me watching a step by step video tutorial on creating the perfect vagina cupcake.  I can hear him hiding the cupcake tins already. In other news, it’s my dad’s birthday today.  So I have to show off this super adorable Polaroid I found of […]

Kitty Killing and Sexy Sea-Monkeys

So far my parents are failing miserably at the little “Grandkid Caretaker Trial Run” test we’ve given them with the cats. Well, that’s not entirely true.  They were going gangbusters for a bit there – building toys, attempting to play chase despite arthritic knees, napping on the floor of the […]

Happy Father’s Day to Uke

It’s a tiny bit early, but I have to pause and wish a happy Father’s Day to the cutest dad in the history of the universe.  And I’m not just saying that because Mom tells me he’s rigged some sort of fancy, home-made cat toy down in his wood shop […]

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