We Now Return You…

Holy Crispex in a container it is good to be home.  Be warned that this probably won’t make much sense since I’m still a wee bit travel weary.  Also I believe that a family of small, gelatin-like aliens have taken up residency in my nasal cavities and are trying to […]

Bloggers Get Naked

“Don’t call me Shirley.” And that’s just about all the sadness I can take today.  Let’s move on to happy, joyful things, shall we?  Like…oh I dunno…how about barnacle schlongs? While the Tuberous Bushcricket may have the biggest balls relative to body weight in the animal kingdom, the barnacle comes […]

No Sudden Movements

I’m full of the twitch.  (And I don’t mean the lovable superstar hip-hop phenom from SYTYCD.  Though being full of Twitch probably wouldn’t be all bad.  Crap, four sentences in and I’m already in the gutter.  That’s gotta be some sort of record.) I’ve been upping my caffeine intake to […]

Brief Encounter

What is it about a tall boy in a peacoat that makes me want to shoop?  Before I get into that, be sure to swing by Studio30 to read my ridiculously steamy interview with a famous Becky.  While you’re at it, check out today’s Craftastrophe which proves beyond a doubt […]

Time Management is for the Unadventurous

I’m always late.  Always.  Maybe just sometimes.  Ok fine, almost always.  I know you’re never going to believe this, but sometimes I get distracted. For example, I just lost thirty-five minutes watching that new Kanye West video.  I don’t even like Kanye.  Unless you count that first record.  That shit […]