Friday I’m in Uke (a.k.a. the one where you can win a hand painted ukulele, baby.)

So my surprise?  Is actually only 18 inches.  But each one of those 18 inches is exquisite, dammit. If you don’t have the patience to watch the video, I’ll sum it up for you:  Today is my blogiversary and I’m giving away a hand painted (by me) ukulele to one […]

Mary Mac Knows Her Way Around a Pole

Enjoy today’s post written by the industrious Mary Mac of Pajamas and Coffee fame – winner of my silly little contest involving sex with kitchen sponges. Nancy had been a psychiatric ward nurse for thirteen years. She was exhausted, but her husband Bill had been laid off and she had […]

And The Winner Is…

Frankly, I’m the big winner.  There’s been a whole mess o’ giggling up in here – until yesterday that is.  Then it got nasty. Did I mention I’m a Libra?  Actually, I’m a double Libra with a Taurus moon.  For you non-astrology types that loosely translates at “good fucking luck […]

This Was Supposed to be a Lazy Post but Now It’s a Contest

Do you know what you should do when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed?  When you’re reeling from icky flashbacks of crazy stressful work situations?  When you’ve got less than 30 days before your next CT scan?  When even your shrink says, “You know it’s ok to say no to things,” in […]

One Spore My Homies

Thom:  What do you want? Me:  Call your mother, Dicko. Thom:  Why? Me:  … Thom:  Oh – the birthday thing? Me:  Yes. Thom:  Goodbye. [Moments pass.  The phone rings.] Mom:  Why did your brother just call me Dicko? Me:  Oh jeez. Did he sing? Mom:  He just called and said […]

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