And The Concrete Phallus Goes To…

Well Miss Krissy, it’s a good thing that you have “so muchroom for a mushroom” because I’ll be mailing you a hand-painted, fifteen pound concrete phallus later today.  Just for good measure, I had everyone (Mom, Dad, Rocco, Thom, and Lucy) give the cap a little lick before I nestled […]

One Spore My Homies

Thom:  What do you want? Me:  Call your mother, Dicko. Thom:  Why? Me:  … Thom:  Oh – the birthday thing? Me:  Yes. Thom:  Goodbye. [Moments pass.  The phone rings.] Mom:  Why did your brother just call me Dicko? Me:  Oh jeez. Did he sing? Mom:  He just called and said […]

Flashback Friday

It’s cold, rainy and brutally depressing here in the North East.  Yay.  It’s been a long hard week, Interwebz. Just to recap, it all started with a relaxing dinner where I sucked royally at preparing a family friend for his first round of chemo.  Then I held my friend’s hand […]


“I just want to go home, stick my tongue in the wife’s ass and hang with the kids.”  That’s not exactly the type of thing you expect to hear during a working lunch, right?  I’ve been in my share of weird situations but I still managed to choke on my […]

Out on the ‘Boro

It’s been a long, long time since I “went out” in Greensboro.  Normally when I’m in town, it’s all about cramming as much quality time with my fam into each and every second I’m here.  This trip isn’t as hectic as usual though, so I had a little time to see […]

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