Why Weekends Make Me Tired

It’s kind of been a crazy couple of days.  A lot has happened since my last ramble.  I’ll try and hit the highlights…in order, of course. I read some seriously entertaining story submissions for my little contest.  Want to win your very own Elly drawing?  Of course you do!  Here […]

I Have a Brablem (Part One)

Before we get started here, why don’t you stroll on over to Craftastrophe and check out my latest find.  It’ll put hair on your chest.  Literally. Speaking of which, I’m going to mix it up, Interwebz.  Today, rather than talk about my vag as per usual, I’m going to talk […]

A Random Shoe Story

I think it’s safe to say Spring is here – as evidenced by the copious amounts of mucus currently congealing in the back of my throat.  It seems like Mother Nature is finally going to let me wear a pair of cute shoes as opposed to the galoshes and snow […]