Kitty Killing and Sexy Sea-Monkeys

So far my parents are failing miserably at the little “Grandkid Caretaker Trial Run” test we’ve given them with the cats. Well, that’s not entirely true.  They were going gangbusters for a bit there – building toys, attempting to play chase despite arthritic knees, napping on the floor of the […]

Muppets and Monsters

I’m the worst Jim Henson fan ever.  I didn’t realize yesterday was the anniversary of his death.  Then again, I always think it’s nicer to celebrate the anniversary of someone’s birth.  Which, for Jim, is September 24th.  But I saw this video this morning and there’s no way I’m going […]

Short (Like My Attention Span)

Mom:  So.  An entire post on a uterus? Me:  It could be worse, you know. Rocco:  If you say so. Me:  You two should be grateful I write about plushy reproductive organs.  I could write a blog post about all my past romantic endeavors.  Or how hard my childhood was. […]

Creative License

Thom:  Thanks for stealing my line. Me:  What line? Thom:  The “stop raping my daughter Lifetime Movie” line. Me:  I thought that was Chris’s line. *Our waiter drops off a pitcher of beer and a blond beehive wig which Thom immediately places on his head.* Thom:  You didn’t give him […]

I’m Never Buying Panties Again

Rocco:  Girls really like horses, don’t they? Me:  Oh I dunno, I was never really that into them.  Unless you count unicorns.  But I sure liked horse books like My Friend Flicka. Rocco:  *coughs* Me:  Yes, I suppose girls really like horses. Rocco:  Wasn’t that Victoria’s secret? Me:  What? Rocco:  […]

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