Search Optimization-ish

In the month of April, exactly sixty-four people landed on BugginWord after searching for “rod stewart latex.”  Sixty-motherfucking-four people.  Which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that my readers are incredibly confused and disturbed individuals….with decidedly dicey musical tastes. Speaking of mean and horrible, I received this text from […]

I’d Still Let Him Vida My Loca

Some mornings I sit and look at this blank screen and I have abso-smurfly nothing to say.  That little blinking cursor just appears and disappears, over and over again, relentlessly taunting my uninspired ass.  This is such a day. Fucking blinking cursor. I just read that Ricky Martin is gay.  […]

Three Posts for the Price of One

First and most importantly: Do you remember my pony/unicorn named Apocalypse/Mildred/Starbrite? (No, I can’t officially settle on a name until I’m forced to make a decision.  I need the pressure.  I do this at restaurants too and it makes Rocco crazy.  I narrow it down to three or so options […]