You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful

As for me, I don’t even know what my name is at the moment.  But I think it’s Friday.  So you people are probably expecting a uke video.  But my throat feels like someone paved it with hot asphalt and then, having changed their mind, jack-hammered out said asphalt and […]

Unicorns Get Stabby, Too

I’m having a day.  This kind of day*: I blame my mortgage company.  The story isn’t very good, so I’m not going to tell it to you.  But seeing as how I have to go make a happy ending (oh shut it you pervs), I suddenly don’t have time to […]

Like I Don’t Love Broadway Enough Already

Y’all know well and good how much I love Broadway.  Nothing makes me happier than dance belts, spray glitter, jazz hands, and huge choreographed numbers.  Truth be told?  I have to bite my lip each and every time I settle into my seat and that first swell of music washes […]

How to Succeed…in Drag

Rocco and I have spent the last twelve hours fighting over whether or not I’m the same height as John Larroquette.  I say he’s not that much taller than I am.  Rocco says he’s five inches shorter than Larroquette.  I say that’s not that much taller than I am, especially […]

Catch Me If You Can

Mmmm Broadway.  I’ve been making out like a bandit with the free tickets again lately.  God it’s good to be a theater slut.  I’m going to tell you about them in the hopes that maybe you’re planning a trip to NYC where you’ll work me (and some shows) into your […]