Llamas and Lactation

I held the paper gown away from my body with my pinched fingers, like a pre-teen pulling at her sweater in the mirror, imagining her silhouette with breasts.  “Oh for the love of nipple,” I muttered as I climbed onto the paper-covered examination table. “You ok, Hon?” Rocco asked, shifting […]

If Boobs Could Talk

Left Boob: This is it.  This is the time it’s going to work.  I can feel it. Right Boob: *snicker* Left Boob: No really!  I’ve been working out – you know – pumping like mad. Paul: *latches on* Left Boob: Oh yo!  Here we go! Paul: *whimpers, scowls* Right Boob: […]

What Time Is It?

I really shouldn’t be allowed to play with graphics programs.  This is what I did yesterday instead of figuring out what’s wrong with my computer. Because I know you all want your very own, you can get them here. Was that good for you, too? Then click here and follow […]

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