You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful

As for me, I don’t even know what my name is at the moment.  But I think it’s Friday.  So you people are probably expecting a uke video.  But my throat feels like someone paved it with hot asphalt and then, having changed their mind, jack-hammered out said asphalt and […]

Deep Space Boob

Brace yourself, Interwebz.  I have to talk about my boobs again. For those of you desperately in need of a vagina fix (Heh. That was way more fun to type than I even imagined.), may I suggest checking out this link.  (So incredibly not safe for work but still amusing.)  […]

I Have a Brablem (Part Two)

If you missed the first installment of “A Tale of Two Titties” start here. I barely had time to read the poster propaganda before Nicole was back in the room, honing in on my breasts. “I’ll fasten them for you in the interest of time.  Slip this on.” I pulled […]

I Have a Brablem (Part One)

Before we get started here, why don’t you stroll on over to Craftastrophe and check out my latest find.  It’ll put hair on your chest.  Literally. Speaking of which, I’m going to mix it up, Interwebz.  Today, rather than talk about my vag as per usual, I’m going to talk […]