Is It Still Monday?

If your Monday attention span is half as bad as mine is….did you say something?  Huh.  I could have sworn I heard did you happen to notice where I put my house keys?  I wonder if Rocco remembered to forward the I haven’t seen Lucy in at least two hours.  […]

Brief Encounter

What is it about a tall boy in a peacoat that makes me want to shoop?  Before I get into that, be sure to swing by Studio30 to read my ridiculously steamy interview with a famous Becky.  While you’re at it, check out today’s Craftastrophe which proves beyond a doubt […]

Ear Worm of DOOM

I’m a wee bit punchy these days – but not so punchy that I think anyone would really notice.  I mean, every girl occasionally bursts into tears when their drugstore is out of milk or laughs maniacally when the cashier asks, “How are you today?” Yesterday, I gave myself a […]