Hey Uke

I swear I brushed my hair at least once this week, though you’d never know it from today’s video.  And why didn’t anyone tell me to take prenatal vitamins when I finished chemo?  I could have regrown my entire head of hair in a week on these bad boys. I’m […]

I Can’t Give Uke Anything But Love

Did you guys read that there’s going to be some sort of crazy uber fullmoon this weekend?  Have your video cameras ready.  Weird shit is going to happen.  I just know it. Speaking of scary full moon stuff, DO NOT GO SEE RED RIDING HOOD.  I’ll  just go ahead and […]

Homesick Ukulele


Uke From Impanema

Happy New Year (almost)!  We’re going to ride 2011 like the unicorn we never had, right Interwebz?!?  Right?!?!? I need more caffeine, too. But my black eyed peas are stewing, my collard greens are in the crisper, and my cast iron skillet is curing.  Feel free to come on out […]

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