I’m the Best Wife EVAH!

Can you guess what I gave Rocco yesterday?  Candies?  Flowers?  Lingerie?  An oversized baby pink greeting card?  A blow job?  Hells no!  I made my husband a bacon bouquet for Valentines Day. I know. I fucking rule. I’ll just wait here while you ladies curse your lack of me-ness and […]

Making Cornbread For Reals

Listen up ya mess o’ Yankee bitches.  Yes I’m talking to you…you AND your Pyrex using, Pam spraying ways.  I’m tired of y’all messing up cornbread.  It’s time for an intervention.  As they say back home, listen up and pay attention so I can learn you right. This isn’t some […]

Hard Days Night

We’ve made it safe and sound to the ridiculously gorgeous lake.  I’m honestly and truly hard pressed to think of a more beautiful place on earth.  Dad has a great saying, “God may vacation in the Rockies, but He lives in the Appalachians.” The getting and the being here is a […]

Let Them Eat Cake

Yesterday we were traipsing around the West Village on our way to dinner.  I heart the West Village.  It’s such a cute, quiet hood filled with angry, bitter New Yorkers.  We saw a sign above some parking spaces that said, “NO PARKING: Violators will have their license plates removed and […]

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