A Visit to the MoMA

I feel like it should be raining.  The sunny day somehow seems incongruous with my mood.  Maybe I just need some high fructose corn syrup or something. Yesterday, I went to see the exhibit “Picasso: Themes and Variations.”  You know I love me some Picasso.  (Just not quite the same […]


Three days and two showers later, I’m still picking glitter out of my pubes.  I know I prattled on yesterday about how nifty the island was, but I have to tell you about the magic that was specifically Figment, too. FIGMENT’s vision for art looks past the white-walled galleries and […]

One Spore My Homies

Thom:  What do you want? Me:  Call your mother, Dicko. Thom:  Why? Me:  … Thom:  Oh – the birthday thing? Me:  Yes. Thom:  Goodbye. [Moments pass.  The phone rings.] Mom:  Why did your brother just call me Dicko? Me:  Oh jeez. Did he sing? Mom:  He just called and said […]

Colored Pictures, Uncolored Cake

An embarrassingly long time ago, I started a little something I called my Portrait Project.  I had all these grandiose plans of blazing through a portrait a week, solving world hunger, and somehow sculpting my arms into perfect replicas of Michelle Obama’s guns.  Four months later, I’m way behind on […]

Tim Burton at the MoMA

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite people on the face of the planet is about to abandon me and move to Michigan.  (Yes Michigan.  Like she couldn’t leave me for someplace sunny like Cancun, LA, or Seattle?!?!) Danielle is my go to museum buddy, so we decided to […]

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