This is a little more Molly Shannon and less Karen Carpenter, but it’s the thought that counts, right? And confession time: I’m totally counting down the moments til Sir Paul is asleep and I can launch into my wild Friday night plans – binging on American Idol and popcorn.  Do […]

Scotty McCreery May (or May Not) Eat Pickles

In keeping with this weeks unofficial theme of “I swear I had something to write about but I keep forgetting it because I’m pretty sure I’ve stopped sleeping all together but I keep having these waking dreams and I can’t quite separate them from reality but I’m relatively sure I […]

This Isn’t About Sushi Porn At All

So first, please tell me there’s some sort of spam filter I can add to my mailbox so I stop receiving countless photos of sushi porn.  If I see one more slice of raw tuna I’m gonna spew all over this keyboard.  Again. You know what doesn’t make me dry […]

I’m Still A Fifteen Year Old Boy

While I’m fairly certain I already reserved my spot in Hell many years ago, today’s Craftastrophe post pretty much guarantees my VIP pass for an eternity of Rod Stewart concerts.  Awesome. I got a haircut, Interwebz.   More on the actual cutting tomorrow, but first I need to get something off […]

Education Leads to Intoxication

I really thought I was going to write about this article today.  I mean, the title couldn’t be more brilliant – “Cleverest Women Are the Heaviest Drinkers.”  I’m clever as all hell.  My box of wine told me so.  I’m so clever that after I clicked on that link and […]