My brain is a little sludgy lately.  I’m not sure if it’s this cold that won’t go away or the weather.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I know exactly what it is.  I’m getting anxious about my next appointment with Aloysius.  November 30th.  Three weeks.  Twenty one days.  Dude. A lot […]

Publish This Book

It started over lunch with a friend. Melissa is smart as a whip, well spoken, and deliberate with every thought and action.  But for some reason, she is still willing to occasionally meet with my grammatically challenged ass to discuss writing and gab about life in general. Melissa:  “I have […]

A Bitchin’ Sangria Recipe

Herbert broke a string, so I’ve got no uke-ical stylings for you today.  I know.  You’re destroyed.  But I promise I’ll learn something for next week, k?  Feel free to make your requests in the comments.  (Yes Kelly, I’m working on Iron Man already…) I have my quarterly date with […]

Cruzin USA

So first things first, I suppose.  I’m all clean!  Well, my CT scan is all clean.  I’m still a filthy minded, hygienically challenged miscreant, but you people seem to go for that sort of thing. It took all mother fucking day.  I had my breakfast of champions at around 10am.  […]