Me:  Let’s grab lunch while I’m in NC, babe-eee.  Can you come to Greensboro?

Lydia:  Sure!  How about Saturday?

Me:  Perfect, where do you want to eat?

Lydia:  Anywhere with good ranch.

Me:  Mmmm ranch – I’m gonna gain 15 lbs of ranch on this trip.  Hazah!

Lydia:  That should be the goal of any trip, really.  You should gain 15 lbs of whatever native food there is.

Me:  Ranch dressing qualifies as a native food?

Lydia:  It does here.

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5 thoughts on “Ranch

  1. And that’s why I love y’all, because you understand how important ranch is to the overall well-being of the meal.

  2. Have you read any of “You Can’t Drink All Day If You Don’t Start in the Morning” yet? I think she might even say Ranch is a native food somewhere in there.

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