32 Flavors

Fall has finally arrived. It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks with crinkling leaves, franticly scheduled meetings, and an overly ambitious tie-dye birthday party for a now-six-year-old. I think I had a birthday, too. There was cheesecake, so probably. And I have fun news to share, but I’m going to […]

We Don’t Have to Change At All

Recently the boys outgrew their shoes. So we went to buy new ones. Me: Do you have these in a 13? Sales Dude: The pink ones? Me: Yup. In a 13? Sales Dude: Those are girl’s shoes. Me: Are girl’s shoes sized differently? Sales Dude: No. Me: Then a 13, […]

I’m Going To Go Back There Someday

Some days you wake up ready to take on the world, your task list fresh in your mind, your internet fast and your children compliant. And on those days, you of course reward yourself with a quick scroll through Facebook and then all productivity is lost because someone in your […]

Get Back Up Again

I have a kid in Kindergarten. Unreal, right? I’m not going to say the time flew by. I’m not going to say I don’t know where it went. It didn’t. I can account for every single day. I have the gray hairs and the wrinkles and the pounds and the […]

Dorilla the Gorilla

When the Summer began, I promised Paul we’d write a song together. And so began the journeys of our protagonist, Dorilla the Gorilla and her van, Anna. We finished it yesterday. So what better way to jump back into Ukulele Fridays than with Paul’s original composition – with backing vocals […]

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