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Amongst The Liberal Elite is proof that liberals not only need to keep their senses of humor during this crazy era of American politics, but they need to keep a sense of humor about themselves as well.” – Christopher Monks (Managing Editor Of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency And Author Of The Ultimate Game Guide To Your Life)

Read the latest in the adventures of your favorite “woke” couple, Alex and Michael, in my recurring column. Amongst the Liberal Elite

“Dedicate a minimum of twenty minutes to scrolling through Taylor Swift-related headlines so that you will have easy topics of conversation to fall back on each time your niece’s husband espouses the benefits of CrossFit and intermittent fasting.” How to Prepare a Thanksgiving Meal Without Offending Anyone

“To me, this growth, this mass, was indistinguishable from the last one. Was it trying to kill me?” Growing a Baby After a Tumor

“It’s been seven years, but I’m still not ready to have this talk.” Why I Haven’t Told My Children I Had Cancer

Sexy Or Not Sexy?? A guide. Halloween and Midterms: A Guide to Sexy Political Costumes 2018

“Welcome to the neighborhood! I thought I’d pop by with some of our favorite take-out menus, a flyer with the town’s oddly-specific recycling regulations, and a copy of my YA, post-apocalyptic rom-com!” Ways to Casually Reference Your Recently-Published Book in Any Social Context


Once we have kids, we’re all guilty of it – of secretly (or not so secretly) urging our friends to hop on the bandwagon, too. But why? The Real Reason Why We Want All Our Friends to Have Kids

“None of it will be what you planned. None of it will be easy. But I think if you look back on your last 10 years, you’ll see that none of the really good things in your twenties were, either.” Dear 29-Year-Old Me …

“In ten years #babyyoda will trend again on whatever social media platform we’re using then with his mugshot for his arrest for possession of methamphetamines. Things I Can Only Assume To Be True About Baby Yoda Because I Refuse To Pay For Yet Another Streaming Service

“In your folders, you’ll find several handouts addressing our most frequently asked questions — start times, bus schedules, a list of therapists specializing in gun trauma.” An Average “Back to School Night” in the Era of Mass Shootings

I refuse to buy my kid another lunch box unless it has all of these features. List: Qualities I Require in a Lunch Box for My Child


“Mr. Trump’s words from last week are still bothering me.” Trump’s Plea to the Terminally Ill Reveals His Greatest Weakness



At 31, she was diagnosed with Primary Mediastinal Large B Cell (Non Hodgkin’s) Lymphoma. Described at times as “diffuse” and “aggressive,” this cancer targets white chicks in their early thirties. Now, 16 months into remission, the author looks back on her road to wellness, including some sexual detours along the way. Chemo Sexual



Be an example for the future leaders that sit across from you at the dinner table — not just by eating your vegetables. Participate in democracy, too. A Guide To Balancing Activism And Parenthood

After two C-sections, 70 pregnancy pounds and 35 months of breast feeding, my body still does what I need it to, and then some. The Luxury of Not Giving A Damn

My trips to Whole Foods border on religious experiences. 5 Reasons Why Whole Foods Is The Most Magical Place On Earth


“When all your helpers are under 3ft tall.” Presenting our 12 funniest Facebook parenting posts of the year

“He’s singing, ‘It’s snowing!’ while decking all my ever-lovin’ halls with toilet paper.” Laugh along with the 15 funniest parents on Facebook this week

“For breakfast we’re serving cold cereal and lowered expectations.” Here are the funniest parenting posts on Facebook this week

“The good news: I’ve excavated the car and now we can go sledding.” 11 best parenting posts on Facebook this week

She leapt from the shower, cheeks flushed from excitement and warm water. Mom’s Day Off


Do they still call them album covers? Why I’m Giving My Kid Free Reign Over the iPad



This is not the time to quit. This is not the time to go dark. Here’s The Facebook Status We All Need Right Now: Love. Must. Win.

The balance sheet of early motherhood is a business model that’s unviable. Children Are A Bad ROI (Return on Investment)

“We don’t put bread dough in our vaginas.” LOLOL: 10 One-Liners That Basically Sum Up Parenting Small Children

Men, you’re in the dark about a lot of things. But it’s not your fault. 13 Things Women Do That Men Know Absolutely NOTHING About

You should know that not all men are in it for the long haul. 9 Signs You’re Basically His Sex Doll — NOT His Girlfriend

If you’re ever considering procreating, think long and hard about the man you marry. 6 Reasons Guys Who Finish Quickly Make The BEST Husbands

I can’t think of a single situation in which I’d chose my ass over my face. 10 Reasons a Woman Should ALWAYS Chose Her Face Over Her Ass

Consider this speed-dating for potential new mom friends. 9 Questions Every Mom Friend Of Mine MUST Be Able To Answer


If you’re like me, the closest you come to retail therapy is a weekly grocery run. Hell, my trips to Whole Foods border on religious experiences. Why Whole Foods is a mom’s best friend


Please know you are not alone. On Open Letter to My Struggling Mom Friend on Mother’s Day

It’s time to hang up the jerseys, engrave the gold watches, book the country club, and order the sheet cake. After five years of pregnancy and nursing, I’m ready to retire these fun bags and return to a life free from milk-stained shirts. 14 Things  I’m Going to Do Once I Retire My Fun Bags


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