My Grandfather’s Clock

Perhaps you all recall that my mother is one of nine musically-endowed siblings. Well, one of those siblings visited last weekend. She and her lovely husband performed a birthday poem they wrote for me in the style of Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s entitled “Ode to Elly Lou.”

untitled-design-4My favorite verse?

She finds a way to reinvent vagina

Because, after all, she’s from North Carolina

I know. I have the best family. I AM THE LUCKIEST.

After several bottles of wine, I convinced Sharon and my mother┬árecord a ukulele video with me. Aunt Sharon (while holding my insanely adorable nephew) thought a children’s song would be nice. Enter “My Grandfather’s Clock.”

I swear the matriarchs of my family are really big on singing songs of death to little ones.


I had never, ever heard this song before. Which, should you watch the video, will become ABUNDANTLY clear. But let’s face it, you aren’t here to see perfection, right?

Feel free to grab your uke and play along. Any chord will do. Any at all. Just lay it in your lap and strum. That’s not a euphemism. No, really…

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