For The Blogger That Has Everything

We can file this one under the heading of “More Shit I Can’t Make Up” and “There Are No Words.”

A friend of mine recently gave me these:

No my desk didn't recently crush the Wicked Witch of the West. I don't think.

Because when people see tiny, light-up, plastic rats designed for a wild night of raving, they think “Elly.”  Obviously.

“No, no, no!” she insisted.  “Look closer!”

But of course.

Whether you’re dancing at a rave with a few hundred of your closest friends, or plugged in for some night blogging, Party Rats are the fun way to have fun.

I’ve been doing it wrong.  I’ve been having fun the un-fun way.  And I was always under the impression that a bottle of wine was “ideal for night blogging.”  On the upside, I can use these while pregnant – assuming I can get them on these swollen fingers.

Maybe come delivery time I’ll suggest my OBGYN give these guys a try instead of the usual headlamp.

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14 thoughts on “For The Blogger That Has Everything

  1. It’s like ‘Willard’ went all techno. Though i’m thinking you may be setting up the parasite for years of therapy if he sees those coming up to greet him.

  2. those are pure awesomeness!

    my cat would definitely get a kick out of them… although if they are attached to my hand, that might be a bad thing.

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