Come On Feel the Uke

Today’s uke video is brought to you by the letter L.  L is for laundry.  Which is what I have piled all over my apartment at the moment.  Excuse the mess.

L is also for LucidLotusLife.  Which is Joules’ site.  (My newest blog obsession.)  And she requested this song.  And she probably has Jersey bangs.  I mean, why else would she request such a song?  I just can’t prove it.

May your Friday be devoid of loud noises and filled with caffeine and Advil.

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20 thoughts on “Come On Feel the Uke

  1. You are just full of the awesome! My hearts all a flutter. Or maybe that’s last nights foolishness coming back…Anyway, Cheers lovely!

  2. I’ll tell YOU, honey . . . that was perfect for this Friday. Let’s PARTAY. Or just fall asleep on the couch before 8 pm. Whatever.

  3. Yes!!! You are now not only my new blogland crush girl, but the Mayor of Awesome!
    And no to the Jersey bangs( I did my time in the NYC in Brooknam, thank you very much), but I did leave the gym today looking like a Duggar so I was oddly follicularly prepared to view this vid, minus about 18 babies and some homemade hairspray.

  4. Only you could pull this one off! And considering it’s the first time I’ve ever really been able to make out all the words to this song makes you extra awesome.

    Have a great weekend and pat the parasite belly for me, will ya?


  5. Went to see a ten member uke band last night, Elly and could NOT stop thinking of you.

    Or, of why I was there, but mostly you.

    And the Spanish guy playing drums.

    Uh…and you.

    – B x

  6. So, I read the article in the Post. When I got to your quote I took a deep breath and started reading out loud. I got to the next paragraph where Shimabukuro is mentioned and kept going.

    Now you can add to your resume and even your about page “has been mentioned in the same breath as Jake Shimabukuro”.

    I am here for you.

  7. Spent some time at the you-tub channel. Great stuff! Especially liked the wagon wheel. Thought I left a comment saying so, but doesn’t look like it took.

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