My Mom Still Smokes

Actually Pegger the Kegger hasn’t smoked since she realized she was an incubator. V.C. Chickering‘s mom is the one who still smokes. But wait, I’m ahead of myself again. I spent last week at the most magical of writing places, the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop. Two years ago I took […]

I’m Going To Go Back There Someday

Some days you wake up ready to take on the world, your task list fresh in your mind, your internet fast and your children compliant. And on those days, you of course reward yourself with a quick scroll through Facebook and then all productivity is lost because someone in your […]

Jump Into the New Year

I have this inexplicable obsession with David Lee Roth. My current ringtone is the dude belting out Running With the Devil with no backing music. I hate that song. And yet… I think it’s those kicks of his. No, not his shoes. His literal kicks. I can’t think of a better […]

Any Time

So when a fellow writer (especially one with mad writing chops) mentions in passing that she looks forward to one’s ukulele videos, one feels like she really ought to get it together and start churning them out more regularly. So TWO WEEKS IN A ROW! That’s like a NaUkePlaySongMo or […]

My Grandfather’s Clock

Perhaps you all recall that my mother is one of nine musically-endowed siblings. Well, one of those siblings visited last weekend. She and her lovely husband performed a birthday poem they wrote for me in the style of Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s entitled “Ode to Elly Lou.” My favorite verse? She […]

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