Coloring Curse Words

What do you get when you mix wine with a holiday weekend and some coloring pages? Well, I imagine it depends on the family and the coloring pages. But if it’s my family and these coloring pages, you get this sort of conversation. (Names removed because my mother now lives close enough […]

Uke-ing In The City

What’s the best way to celebrate the arrival of Fall? Why by recording a song about Summertime, of course! *sigh* I’m not even going to admit how much time I wasted getting this thing together. Long story short, I should probably stop reading about brand consistency and “visual voices.” At […]

Don’t Call it a Comeback

Him: So you know how sometimes I go and book the flights for our vacations without telling you? Me: *blank stare* Him: And then you get really mad. And then you get excited. And then you figure out all the hotels and restaurants and things to see? Me: We are […]

License Plates and Unicorn Fakes

So first?  I think we need to acknowledge this video exists. Second?  I can’t lift my arms.  That’s not really true.  It’s called “creative license,” people.  Also it’s called “Elly decided that after pining for a yard of her own her whole damn life be damned if she’s going to […]

Dick’ll Make You Forget to Uke

Due to a most unfortunate incident involving a large piece of foam, a utility knife, and one of my fretting fingers, there was no uke last week.  Or this week.  Maybe not next week either.  Typing has been a little tricky.  Also my reupholstering project is indefinitely on hold. All […]

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