Be My Uke-o Ono

How big a dork am I if I watched the end of the Royal Wedding (including the smooch) and found myself grinning from ear to ear and actually caring about those people?  Maybe I don’t really want you to answer that.  Let’s just move on to some uke-age, eh?

Today’s song was requested by Ninja Mom.  So blame her.  Or buy her a margarita.  Whichever you feel more inspired to do.

Also, I don’t really see any point in pretending you’re going to pay any attention to the song because Mildred stole the show, yet again.  Had I realized she’d choreographed a dance number, I would have moved my big head out of the way.  Probably.

TGIMFBT, beauties.  Maybe try to incorporate some Crown Royal into your beverages in honor of Will and Kate.

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22 thoughts on “Be My Uke-o Ono

  1. It’s one thing for us Canadians to go all bug-eyed and gaga over the Royal Wedding — after all, in best colonial fashion, the Queen is our head of state too. But for an American to do so? Sheesh, I don’t know. Doesn’t that put you in the same category as, oh I don’t know, Benedict Arnold?

  2. I was hoping you would be snarky, punk rock, and snotty about the royals, like me. So disappointing.

    At least you can write and play the uke like a champ.

    You take requests? Guns n Roses’ Patience on the Ukelele would sound amazing.

    Have a nice weekend

      1. What the hell is commention. Every bodies dooooing the commention c’mon,c’mon,c’mon,and do the commention with me.

        There is a really good chance I am making exactly zero sense right about now.

        Wonderful Uke-i-ness!!!

  3. Okay, so I am not the only one noticing Mildred trying to steal your thunder. She has a good act going, for a cat and all, but I don’t think she realizes who she’s up against. Adorable rendition, btw. And hair.

  4. Mildred is adorable and so are you. Seriously, I think pregnancy has you glowing. Too cute.

    You can also probably blame the extra hormones for the whole enjoying the Royal Wedding thing. I would.


  5. As per usual, I’m having trouble coming up with the proper terminology to praise these friday fun fests but BRAVO.
    Also, may I borrow Mildred to take care of a bird problem I’m having?

  6. Holy crap, I did the exact same thing! The grinning from ear to ear….not the singing and ukelele playing. I don’t even have a ukelele. But I do have TWO acrobatic cats. So there’s that. Whatever. Loved it. xo

  7. You and Mildred are like ham and eggs. No, corned beef hash and eggs (much better). The kind of corned beef hash that’s right from the can. Ah,Perfect. Re the Royal Wedding: I watched the entire thing because, for me,it was entirely energizing to celebrate joy and love instead of wallowing in current global mayhem. It was also fun to see Liz fall asleep during the sermon and then jerk herself awake.

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