Aunt Vi, Please Adopt Me

Good news, I was totally too lazy to learn a new uke song this week.  It’s for the best, Interwebz.  Herbert hates all this humidity and acts out by not staying in tune.  He’s such a little blue fucker sometimes, kinda like that Hefty Smurf.

I couldn’t leave you without a little uke loving before heading into the weekend, though!  Meet Aunt Vi.  She’s not my aunt but I sure would like her to be.  She may well be the cutest thing in the history of the universe.

Do me a solid and don’t break up with Herbert, ok?  He’s very nervous you’ll fall in love with Vi and abandon him forever.  He kept me up all last night screaming from inside his little blue bag, “You know what they say, Elly!  Once you go Aunt, you never recant!  For the love of gig bags, don’t do it!”

I’m doing it.  And so is Vi.  Word to her.

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25 thoughts on “Aunt Vi, Please Adopt Me

    1. Can you do me a solid and stop using cartoons to mock me? No wait, I like it. Don’t stop. But don’t send me a cartoon where some chick is yelling “don’t stop.”

  1. I want to gobble her right up!!
    She’s like my Nana, but with talent, less vitrol and a housedress.
    My Nana would rather chew glass than wear a housedress/robe but that’s an odd story for another day

  2. Maybe you were adopted? And you really ARE related to Aunt Vi? She is adorable!

    You need to have lots of nephews so one day — when you are 80 — one can video you and Herbster playing together too. So get on that.

  3. The funniest part is at the end when Aunt Vi innocently inquires “How can you record off of that?” and then you can tell she’s getting worried. She didn’t know she was being filmed so that’s why she was so perfect and natural! Love her!

  4. Drama Queen thought she was going to be disappointed when she saw this little bundle of housecoated gray hair. She does love her Friday Elly awesomeness. What a treat she was in for, also, there is a duet in your future. Just sayin’. Or just forewarnin’. Yeah, the former is the proper way to put it.

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